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Tim Brady, SRC Board Member

“My SRC experience has not only shaped my character, but is a significant milestone in my Christian faith… One of the most striking aspects of SRC, I noticed immediately, was the significant effort the leaders took in making sure every participant and every homeowner had as meaningful an experience as possible. This attitude of putting others before oneself is a mainstay of SRC and proves contagious on the trips. This mindset permeates those assisting and those being assisted. Granted, you will generally find some form of this attitude amongst volunteers, but it is much more pervasive in the SRC experience than in any other volunteer experience I have encountered.”

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Reverend Jeffrey Pruett (center)

“Solid Rock Carpenters sees the construction as an outgrowth of more important matters. Creating authentic relationships is more important than 2 x 4s or shingles or door knobs. They understand that Solid Rock Carpenters is about caring for people, and offering hope to the hopeless, grace to all, and the love of Christ in tangible ways.”

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Karen Grant, SRC Volunteer

“It often seems impossible to imagine a way to make a difference in the face of the complex, dangerous, unpredictable world we live in today. But in the spirit of the starfish on the beach story, Solid Rock Carpenters makes a huge difference, over and over again, one person at a time. I’m blessed to be a small part of this.”

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