Our Story

Solid Rock Carpenters was started in 2005 by the Engle brothers in response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The need was great and the enthusiasm to help was even greater. As a result, individuals and families began to volunteer annually in the Gulf Region, and within a few short years SRC developed a database of 3,500 friends and family, who now volunteer nationwide throughout the year.

Locally, SRC has worked with community service leaders, churches and ministries assisting in building and repair projects. Nationally and Internationally, SRC has aligned itself with organizations and ministries that work alongside families and communities in need. SRC's resources of volunteers and skilled leadership have been intrumental in providing communities in need with new homes, home restoration, playgrounds, beds for homeless shelters, barns, fences and many other necessary repairs. 

Throughout the past 11 years, SRC has organized 50 traveling volunteer teams serving those less fortunate.

SRC Years in a Snapshot

During the past 11 years, SRC has

  • Engaged more than 3,800 volunteers locally, nationally, and internationally, Building Homes and Bringing Hope to people in need
  • Worked more than 15,000 days helping others by restoring and building homes
  • Traveled on 52 trips nationally and internationally
  • Built 44 homes in the Gulf Region, Missouri, Colorado, Appalachia, Mexico, and Guatemala
  • Hosted 12 Framing Days, building homes locally and sending them to the area or homeowner in need.

Learn more about SRC’s past trips, look at our photo gallery on Shutterfly, or read about SRC in the news.

Who We Are

bio jeff engle 150x169 Jeff Engle, Founder

bio scott engle 150x169 Scott Engle, Founder

bio mark engle 150x169 Mark Engle, Founder

Paula Mack, Project Coordinator

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SRC Partners

SRC has had the pleasure of working with the following partner organizations:


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