Past Projects by the Numbers

Solid Rock Carpenters (SRC) has accomplished a number of incredible milestones.

44 Homes Built

The forty forth SRC home was completed in July 2017.

52 Trips Completed

These trips engaged 3,755 participants during an approximate 15,008 days and more than 90,048 hours worked. For a map of past trip locations, see below.

12 Framing Days

Taking place in the suburbs of Chicago, SRC’s Framing Days have engaged 2,306 participants who spent 12,424 total hours building homes locally and sending them to the area or homeowner in need.

2 Breakthrough Ministry Bed Projects

A total of 650 participants devoted 2,000 hours to complete these projects.

Map of Previous Locations

Get Involved

If you like to join SRC on a service trip, learn about our upcoming projects or read the volunteer FAQs. You can also donate to SRC to help support our trips.